Posted: March 06, 2012


      Birthdays are gateways between the old year and new, and as we celebrate our birthdays, pray that God be good and kind to bless us abundantly for another year.

            I normally do not celebrate my birthdays.  I do not even wear red because the whole world is already celebrating it.  I find joy and excitement seeing how people celebrate this red-letter day – akin to Christmas and New Year.  Lamentably, however, its celebration is increasingly becoming more and more commercialized and materialistic.

            This year, however, as I mark a very important milestone in life I did party!  In the midst of the myriad of things I attend to – a Mom to my children, Mamu to our two little princesses, managing a home, a friend to others, a writer, tending to my real estate business,  and conducts Laughter Yoga. As if all these are not enough yet – I had to attend to the water supply system being put up in San Gabriel Elementary School, Quezon City, with 6,000 students as beneficiaries which is one of the two public schools I have adopted for this school year.

            God, in His infinite goodness, helps me make time for all these. Special thanks to my  very supportive family, to my loyal and supportive office and household staff, who have been with me for almost two decades now.  Friends and even my children were so surprised with what they saw upon arrival at the function room in Edsa Shangrila St. Francis Tower.  Since I very rarely mark my natal day this way, I decided to do it --  exactly to my liking.  I had a big red heart décor on the wall with these words printed inside it: “Celebrate life … with love, friendship and laughter.”  The ceiling  was draped with  red  cloths  and hanged  underneath were  big silver hearts interspersed with red lanterns.  Personally I chose the music to be played by the pianist and violinist, and made sure that the food selection will be liked and enjoyed by the guests.   Thankfully,  my heartfelt efforts paid off, as guests  raved about it, along with the fondant apple-walnut  give-away cakes!

       My tiredness banished as my children and guests kept complimenting me  for everything!  Ha ha ha!   Jokingly, I  told them that they came not just to celebrate a very important milestone in my life, but to experience the much-talked-about-written-and-desired Laughter Yoga, so I conducted a short one for them, that made them roared  gleefully  with laughter, and  made the occasion truly memorable.  Yes, dears, Laughter Yoga in a birthday party can be a big, enjoyable hit!   Laughter directly connects people.

            When I blew the candles on my cake, as is the custom, I made three wishes, and when pressed what they were, I said they were not for myself:  My three wishes are:  lasting peace in our country and prosperity  shared by all our Kababayans; for  daughters Nina and Bunny; and for Laughter Yoga -- that God connects me to the best people, who will passionately  spread  Laughter Yoga all over  our country.

            Karlo, my son, did the front act by telling the guests they will be inducted to a secret society – as I have  somehow  kept my age  a secret from them.  That their presence give  honors to  the family  because it springs a lot of happiness.  That my children are happy and proud that through Laughter Yoga I am able to spread happiness, good health  and make so many people  positive.  Moreover, that  through  laughter,  I am  able  to somehow slow down the hands of time. Ho ho ha ha ha,  thanks to the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle  Lion Laughter! 

            My bunso, Bunny,  made the toast for  good health, happiness, abundant blessings and many more years of spreading cheers thru  Laughter Yoga to  their ever-FUNNY Valentine!  Meanwhile, daughter Nina busied herself attending to guests to make them feel  comfortable … to enjoy and  turn moments into cherished memories.

           Lets laugh to a healthy, happy, positive us.  Email me at, and for a hearty laugh view:  lycphohohahaha.