Posted: January 31, 2012


Laughter brings down the internal barriers and removes inhibitions

                                                                                                                                     --         Dr. Madan Kataria

            Fantastic! Our first time to laugh this long and hard. A unique, easy way to relax and de-stress, an unforgettable experience.”

The foregoing were some of the comments and reactions on the Laughter Yoga session I conducted for the 120 participants to the National Statistics Office (NSO) National Planning Workshop held at Taal Vista Lodge last December 3, the last day of their workshop.

Jake Apellado of NSO, Agusan del Sur delightfully observes: “The Laughter Yoga session with us in Tagaytay was the most in many ways: most unique, most exciting, and most relaxing. For the first time in my life, I got tired without my heart palpitating. Please continue infecting others with the laughing virus.”

When we arried at Taal Vista Lodge that Saturday morning, most of the NSO participants have already packed up, as the Lyoga session was the last on their agenda before heading back to their spirited and ready for the action-and-laughter-packed session. There was instant rapport and connection with the participants. In fact, they grooved, danced and swayed vigoroursly as we did the many kinds of laughter. They gleefully laughed and got so carried away that even after the positive chanting portion, they still kept chanting “positive,postive,positive chants.” Ha ha ha! Laughter, indeed, connects people directly, and makes them fell like children again – free from all the cares of the world.

It is easy to laugh when times are good and almost everything around you seems rosy. But how can one laugh when face with life’s many different challenges? So, I introduced the easiest kinds of laughter that make people –laugh anytime, anywhere, for no reason at all. It did work like magic! The essence of laughing for no reason at all is to cultivate childlike playfulness. If one learns to play like a child, then one can laugh easily, continuously. One can make laughtern flow like a fountain.

Director Rosalinda Bautista was visibly overjoyed and beamed with pride over the overwhelming positive reaction of the NSO staff. And why not? She just raised the bar of performance of the NSO Planning Workshop! Profusely and for several times, she expressed her aprreciation and gratefulness for accepting her invitation for their planning workshop, which she hosted.

While having lunch, the participants kept dropping by our table doing the ho ho ha ha-ing, their joy visible in their relaxed and instantly younger-looking faces. They collectively concluded that Laughter Yoga was truly something that changed their outlook and attitude towards life instantly! They promised, as asked of them during the Lyoga session, to share what they learned with their families, officemates, and friends to help them, too.

Here are more inspiring comments;

  •         Gina Pereds (Sta.Mesa): Enjoyable, very informative.
  •         Magdalena C. Bautista (Tuguegarao City): Enjoyable and useful to myself, family, officemates and friends.
  •         Imelda L. Bayucan (La Union): Laughter Yoga was a very good exercise, so relaxing and very easy to do anytime and anywhere.
  •         Cherry Grace D. Agustin (Quirino Province): Super enjoyable.
  •         Ariel Florendo (Cebu): The best exercise for all us! Keep sharing it with others, Ms. Elvie.
  •         Ariel T. Fortuito (Region 7): Very relaxing and an amazing experience.
  •         Firmo C. Diputado (Cebu): How I wish Laughter Yoga could also be available in Cebu!
  •         Jessmayn Anne allazanon (Bohol): Superb and relaxing.
  •         Iskan A. Mahadali (Sulu): Stress-reliever and funny. The lightest form of exercise.
  •         Dorotea Cilia R. Nuesa(NCR V): It’s worth the experience, we felt great and energized.
  •         Franz Nepomuceno (NCR IV): Naiiba! Really relaxing and a first time experience!