Posted: October 11, 2011






            We were scheduled to conduct a LYoga session at the Department of Justice, Probation and Parole Administration Division upon the request of Mr. Joby Orendain last July, when a fire broke out at its  nearby Land Registration Authority office.  Luckily, the notice of cancellation came in the nick of time as we were just then going out of the garage.

            With about 100 eager-to-learn-and-laugh employees, headed by the administrator himself, Mr. Manny  G. Co, I proceeded with the LYoga session by urging them to drop their inhibitions and give their all to it by warm-up exercises designed  to help them loosen up.  The participants could hardly believed  that LYoga clapping and ho ho ha ha-ing can  boost one’s energy,  until they were told what each activity does for the whole body.  Many people do not know that laughter  is a body exercise -- it  jogs and moves our internal organs around!  That is why just one minute of mirthful laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of cardio workout on a rowing machine, and 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equals to 30 minutes of cardio workout on a rowing machine. That one LYoga session can burn as much as 300 calories!  In the course of the session, when they began sweating, they realized how true all that was told them.

            Laughingly and jubilantly, we did eight kinds of laughter, interspersing every now and then some breathing and stretching exercises.  As what we think and say is what we attract to ourselves, the positive chants of “I feel good, very good,” I am happy, very happy,” etc. were uttered, not just with much gusto, but with all our hearts and might.  As the LYoga session was about to wind down, we recited the affirmation, healing mantras, and prayer for world peace in the same sincere way.   At the end, we had a playful game  by dividing the participants into three groups, each assigned to say specific chants, that made the participants convulsed with laughter and sweat profusely.  Ho, ho, ha, ha ha! After the LYoga session, we made a presentation of the school LYoga Phl supported last year by putting up much-needed toilets and providing complete water supply system. To the various companies and organizations that continue to support LYoga Club, Phl. and for whom it has conducted LYoga sessions – with gratitude, I am very happy to mention that for this much-blessed year, we are adopting two schools:  Holy Spirit Elementary School with a student population of 7,000, and San Gabriel Elementary school with 6,500 students.  Both are located in Quezon City.  I give top priority to public schools with high student population  gravely and urgently needing complete water supply systems and toilets to immediately alleviate the sad and pitiful plights of their respective students, faculty and administration personnel… for health and sanitary reason.         

            And now for the on-the-spot comments by the participants that help an guide us to give our BEST to each LYoga sessions.  Participants’ comments serve as wind beneath our LYoga sessions:


Ma. Socorro Borja   “The session was so interesting, funny, and exciting.  The group enjoyed a lot.  So AMAZING! Ms. Elvie, you are God-sent.  Good luck to all your endeavors.”


Joby A. Orendain – “Great stress buster.  I felt “light” after the LYoga session.  It will definitely  help  me make my illness fly away.  Great job,  Ms. Elvie,  and for a good cause, too.”


Maria Rufina Escobar Ufano -  “Thank you for giving us, especially me a chance to know and share the importance of LAUGHTER in my life.  Please DON’T STOP SHARING and LAUGHING.”


Ma. Isabel B. Castillo – “Enjoyable and stress-free.”


Rosario Labastida – “I felt relaxed and experienced fun during the session.”


Margarett Vidaya – “Happy, Yipee, Yehey! Good job, Laughter Yoga Club, Phl.!”


Antonio “Jojo” Saldua Jr – “FEELS GOOD! Never before I have laughed this good without inhibitions.”


Donna Lima – “Happy, Interesting, Fantastic!”


Norhaya C. Guiling – “Very relaxing, stress-releasing and enjoyable.”


Teresa Vista – “An exciting, very funny and happy experience.”


Lynette F. Lorenzo – “Happy, healthy, positive and helpful session.  Thank you very much.  More power.”


Charito P. Austria – “Healthy, helpful and stress-free session.  Very good LYoga!


Concepcion A. Esguerra – “Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha!  Thank you!!”


Priscilla G. Hisoles – “Stress-relieving activity!”


Adel A. Martir – “Thank you for the laughter.  It is relaxing.”


Virgie M. Silva – “An exciting, healthy activity.”


Editha K. Buemio – “Lessened my stress.”


            Let us spread the joys, relaxation and positivism that Laughter Yoga brings about to multitude of our Kababayans. Lead a LYoga club in your respective places, companies and  organizations. Register now for the 2nd LYoga Leadership Training Seminar on April 14-15, 2012 in Tagaytay City. Limited slots are available for this life-changing experience! For more info on past LYoga sessions and  for this seminar, please visit:  Let’s laugh to a healthy, happy, positive us!  Ho, ho, ha ha ha.   Email me at:  Want to laugh and relax -- visit:  youtube: lycphohohahaha!