Posted: September 06, 2011





          “Enjoy health, beauty and long life - the DMI Way” was the theme of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate  (DMI) sisters on their International Region V Regional Assembly that Sister Cora Afuang gave last August 27th held at the Asian Institute Management, Makati City. The DMI members came promptly, braving the strong winds and almost non-stop rains typhoon Mina brought that Saturday morning.  The AIM conference room was full-packed!

            When I have taken  LYoga as a life-long  advocacy, I knew that blessed with  power and ability to make people laugh, come great responsibility. The responsibility of making every session much better, more effective than the previous one and, if possible, surpass all  previous LYoga sessions. I have always thought that my past Laughter Yoga sessions were  already the BEST – until I conducted LYoga session for the 320 sisters, guests and friends of DMI. 

            From the start, the participants already showed great interest on Laughter Yoga  after making it clear at the beginning of the LYoga session --  the level of benefits to be derived by the participants will be  dependent on the intensity of their participation during the session.  The DMI sisters,  literally and figuratively, took this to heart and  gave their heart and soul  all through the session.  They gleefully laughed with all the glee in the world – as I introduced them to a new,  unforgettable experience of good health, happiness and positivism. And the hilarious, roaring laughter of the DMI sisters began!

             It  was  s- u- p- e- r- m-e-g-a  enjoyable!  Fantastic!  Super splendid!

            Since beauty was one of the main themes, it was but fitting that I demonstrated Lion Laughter – good for the facial muscles, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle – which brought the house down!  The participants really lapped it, along with the other kinds of laughter that I shared and demonstrated to them. 

            After the session, the participants profoundly expressed their appreciation and  thanks, saying:  “it was their BEST regional conference ever.”  Owing to their very warm welcome and wholehearted participation, though about to go out, I  stopped and taught them how to help cure rheumatism, arthritis, gout,  lower cholesterol level, sharpen the brain, increase memory power, enhance concentration and prevent insomnia --  all, yes all, through the use of their fingers!  And  while waiting for the lift, some waiters and maintenance personnel approached me to say they, too, participated and enjoyed the LYoga session tremendously.

            Laughter Yoga is a life-changing experience when done regularly, as it does healing wonders… that is why I really, really love doing and sharing it.  I keep praying for that  day  when all Filipinos will be doing it. They will then  realize that power and wealth are no guarantee to one’s happiness, health and well-being.  It is the state of mind and  purity of heart that truly matter, which basically  can be positively influenced by LYoga.    When that momentous day comes,  graft  and corruption will be a thing of the  past. Our country’s wealth and resources shall be shared by all Filipinos.  Quality of life will improve.  Crime and terrorism will be stamped out as everyone gets a fair share.  Laughter Yoga everyone?

            I have mentioned about my osteoarthritis before.  It has been six days since the  LYoga session, and my osteoarthritic knees have not at all bothered me --  considering I went up and down the stage about a dozen times  last Saturday. I must have released enormous endorphins, our bodies’ natural painkillers and feel-good hormones, that relieved  me of aches and pains, which  hopefully will last till my next LYoga session.   Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha!

            Let’s find out the DMI sisters’ on-the-spot reaction to the LYoga session.

Esther Magleo - “Everything is so LIGHT, everything is a BLESSING.  Laughter brings out the best in us, to care for ourselves, for the family and the WORLD.  We forgive, forget,  and be perfectly happy and healthy.  Whatever you sow, you reap.  LAUGHTER is the real CURE  to the ills of the world. Thank God.  Thanks Laughter yoga.”

Mrs. Tong     - “Enjoyable!”

Irene Tejones – “Two Thumbs up!!”

Mrs. Javellana – “Thank you for the enlightening healthy tips. I greatly enjoyed the Lyoga session.”

Mrs. Marquez – “ You made my day – H A P P Y!”

Lucy Aquino – “The Laughter Yoga session was great! It was very, very enjoyable  and  healthful session.  Thank you Ms. Elvie for sharing your talent and expertise  with  the DMI sisters!

Helen Balmores – “Very helpful!  Super Ganda!  Am having lots of maintenance medicines, and positive  LYoga will replace them. Congrats for opening our minds about Laughter Yoga!  I love it.  Very enjoyable and  informative.  Ms. Elvie is truly  the best speaker on the topic. I Salute  you!    ”

Ofelia Dagang – “Thank you very much for teaching us Laughter Yoga.”

Chit Miguel –  “I felt so happy after the LYoga  session.”

Lydia P. Ordonez – “Very rewarding experience.  We would like to invite Ms. Elvie to conduct same session in our office -  the Board of Investments.”

Flor Victoria – “Makes life easier to bear.”

Cora Afuang – “Excellent!!!”

Helen  Aldip - “Ms. Elvie you really made my day. Thank you for the LYoga session.”

Moseette  Don – “I have not really laughed  for a long, long time --  since college days until now. I learned so much from you and really felt the “GREAT” difference.  I thank God for giving you to us,  to learn and at the same time benefit from your Laughter Yoga!!!  Many thanks, Ms. Elvie.”

            LYoga schedules: Sept. 9, Assumption College, Sept. 19, Johnson & Johnson,  Sept. 22, Cagayan de Oro, Sept. 30, Dept. of Justice, Probation & Parole Section. Let’s keep laughing to a healthy, happy, positive us!  Ho, ho, ha ha ha. Email me at: Please visit: Want to laugh and relax -- visit: youtube: lycphohohahaha!