Posted: June 28, 2011





            For the “midyear booster” of Cocolife Healthcare, Dr. Andro Sandoval, Vice-President, Medical Director,  invited me to conduct “the much-talked-and-written-about Laughter Yoga.”  On that special occasion the  200 youthful  staff of Cocolife Healthcare dressed themselves up in summer attire. Even their office reflected summery atmosphere, bringing sunshine indoor.

            Laughter Yoga is a life-changing experience!  It can help overhaul our way of thinking and looking at things and daily events  as we ride  the  roller coaster  of life.  During the Laughter Yoga session, I mentioned the following  always-appreciated-and-never-fails-to-amaze health trivia: one minute of mirthful laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of cardio workout on a rowing machine; ten minutes of hearty  laughter equals 30 minutes of cardio workout on a rowing machine; one hour of Laughter Yoga can burn as much as 300 to 500 calories!  Imagine burning so much calories while  feeling  so good and happy! Fantastic indeed are the multi-health benefits of Laughter Yoga.   It is so doable one can do it -- alone.  And can do it right where and when the need or situation calls for it. 

            Laughter Yoga is my life-long-and-most-ardent advocacy to share with our beloved Kababayans this  life-changing experience  to help them  become healthy, happy and positive in life.  The fees receive are channeled towards construction of toilets and provision of complete water supply system to our adopted public schools.  The immeasurable joy I feel when I see hundred of participants  made happy, healthy and positive is my ultimate reward. The positive and inspiring feedback from participants serve as fuel that energizes me.

            Allow me then to quote verbatim the letter I received from Dr. Sandoval:

            “We are very happy to note that the general feedback from our close to 200 attendees to your recent Laughter Yoga session for Cocolife Healthcare was very positive.

            Cocolife Healthcare, as conceptualized by our indefatigable and diligent boss, Mr. Loumel Maagma, Senior Vice-President, revolve around a "Happy & Healthy" theme. We enjoy Happy & Healthy relationships with our over 1,000 corporate accounts. We maintain a Happy & Healthy relationships with our over 1,500 accredited medical facilities and over 12,000 accredited medical specialists nationwide.  We nurture a Happy & Healthy work environment, with Happy & Healthy work force.  Hence, your Laughter yoga truly fits our Happy & Healthy work and personal dispositions.

            Other officers who endorsed and continue to promote your Laughter Yoga are:  Mr. Franz Araque,  Head, Marketing; Ms. Angie Trinidad,  Head  Medical Services; Ms. Leng Lausingco, Head HealthAssist, Inc. and Ms. Chiclet Tondares, Head, Administration.

            Rest assured that we will continue to embrace your thrust of propagating Laughter Yoga as the most convenient and effective tool to wellness and self-abundance. Thank you very much.

            Feedback from other participants;

 Jackielyn Ercstain – “It was fun and made me feel better ….thanks, Ms. Elvie.”

Ma. Fe Ran – “The Laughter Yoga session was fun, informative and relaxing.  Applicable  even on regular or ordinary days.”

Berna Joy Tesorero – “All my negative feelings were released because of this great activity.”

Noah Villaverde – “Everyone must try this activity.”

Maribel M. Sale – “Very nice activity.  Can boost mind and body.”

Jennifer Condat – “The activity was so good and fun.  Thanks for sharing us Laughter Yoga.”

Franz Joe Araque – “We were stress-free the entire session, Hope the entire country will experience the same.  More power!”

Leo Quiambao – “Very good! Very relaxing! It is doable and for a good cause.  Thank you, Ms. Elvie.”

Cherylyn Camo – “The session was a great help to release tension and stress.  I really enjoyed it.”

            Requests for Laughter Yoga session by different companies, organizations and individuals  keep pouring in like heavy rains. Thank you most sincerely for the trust. Be assured that as my business schedule permits, I will positively respond to them.  As I cannot be doing it alone, I am scheduling a Laughter Yoga Leadership Training seminar in March, 2012 --  to train as many  Laughter Yoga leaders, who can conduct it in other parts of our country.   To attend this life-changing experience, please email me at  Log on to: and to laugh, visit Youtube: lycphohohahaha. Let’s laugh to a healthy, happy, positive us!