Posted: June 01, 2011





            Stay well.  Be well.”  So goes the theme of Wellness 101 of the Lopez Group of Companies.  Having read my past articles on Laughter Yoga, and Intrigued by the numerous consistent positive experiences and comments by those who have attended  Laughter Yoga sessions, Ms. Russell Solitario contacted us  for  a Laughter Yoga session for its executives. The theme rhymed with Mr. Edsel Sanchez’ of Lopez, Inc. comments: “Laughter Yoga can be exhausting, but a great relief from stress.  It released  feeling of heaviness  and helped  acquire  positive energy.”

        The two-day wellness seminar for its executives from EDC, ABS-CBN, FPH, Skycable, First Phil. Industrial Park, INAEC Aviation, First Gas, ELC, was held at the Lopez Training Center atop a mountain in Antipolo, Rizal, overlooking Marikina and nearby places. 

      In between the different kinds of laughter we did  yoga breathing and stretching exercises.  I narrated  the findings of a study that  adults in this  high-tech, super fast-paced world, laughed at an average of  five minutes a day – compared to our great grand parents, who averaged about 30-40 minutes per day.  Understandably, the modern gadgets,  the super pressing demands and challenges of our highly- computerized era, is taking its toll on our ability to laugh.

        The study also showed that while children laughed 400 times daily,  adults laugh 15 times, or worse, no laughter at  all.  We need to  remind ourselves that “a day without laughter is a wasted day.”  After motivating and cajoling the participants to drop their inhibitions and doing some warm-up exercises to loosen up,  they began to laugh  to their hearts delight.  Thrilled and  surprised were  they to have laughed s o oo much and  l o o ng  --  for no reason at all!  Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha! So relaxing and so light is the  feeling  when we laugh heartily. .

         When asked what   the root cause of modern-day illnesses is, the participants  guessed it  right away –STRESS!  Intently they listened when  informed how  our bodies react  when  under stress.  How  breathing   affects the  flow of oxygen to the major organs of our bodies. Kapamilya Gretchen Birog aptly  attested: “Laughter Yoga is an effective tool  to de-stress.  We were all  happy  doing the Lyoga exercises, and recommend it to all.”

         Laughter Yoga is the only way by which a person can laugh heartily even if there is nothing to laugh about for 30 to 60 minutes. The executives were  like children once again -- reliving those innocent-hassle-free-no-responsibilities-happy-bygone days of yesteryears marked with greater innocence and purity of heart.  When life was simple, slow-and-moderately-paced.  When we had time to savor and appreciate the simple things that give pristine joy.

         When  we recited the positive chants, along with the Affirmation and Healing Mantras. I reminded them to do so wholeheartedly for if we are what we eat, what we think and say is what we become,  They asked for a bonus - how to de-stress  their eyes.  They  laughed  hard when I said the eyes are the first and last organ we use.  Hearty, hilarious, magical, healing laughter filled the room from beginning to end!   Truly Laughter Yoga  was at its BEST!   Ho ho, ha ha ha!

          Below are some of  the participants’ heartwarming and inspiring summation of the Laughter Yoga session they had:   

            Altred A. Go – “We have many reasons to thank God.  Likewise, many reasons to laugh about because we are blessed.”                     

            Sam Hernando – “The LYoga session was a new experience. Hearty laughter is very  good.”

           Hazel Velasco – “Our speaker is one of the most positive speakers I have met.  Ms. Elvie, thanks for sharing.”

            Manuel S. Ogena – “Very enriching session both for the body and more for the soul...”

            Pia Muriel Amores - “The bonus , Eye Treatment was sincerely appreciated.  
I will teach my two kids the yoga hands fingers position.”


            Clarito Sobrio – “Laughter yoga is a unique way of alternative medicine.”

            Ellsworth R. Lucero – “Laughter exercise your stomach muscles I felt my muscles firmed up after the session, and felt lighter.”

            Ronald L. Romero – “A very energetic activity. Relaxing with good and l lasting remembrance.”

            Danilo V. Cabantog– “Very revitalizing laughter yoga session. I love it.”

            Reyna, Briones  – “LYoga session made me relaxed and felt younger.”

            Cay Muñoa Marbella – “Enjoyed it  so much! I never thought I can  laughed for no reason at all. Am glad I experienced it. Thank you!”

            Emil C. Argoncillo – “Laughter yoga is really stress relieving, I will   recommend it to corporate VIPs.”

            Danny D. Guevara – “Very heartwarming experince, enlightening session”

            Loren  Alejandrino– “Ms. Elvie never runs out of laughter!”

            Sheena  Cariso – “effective way in coping stress”

            Joanne Ponce – “Relaxing. We enjoyed laughter”

            Russel Alleta F. Solitario – “Effective stress busten!”

            Cito Gosito – “Enriching,  relaxing and wonderful experience. Thanks a lot,            

            Ms. Elvie.”

             Laughter Yoga sessions schedule:  July 1, Asian Development Bank, July 10, St. Luke’s Hospital, July 22, DOJ, Parole and Probation Adm.  Let’s laugh to a healthy, happy, positive us! Visit; e-mail To laugh and de-stress, visit youtube  lycphohohahaha!