Posted: May 10, 2011






“Laughter is a direct line that connects people.”


     Electrifying!  Fantastic!  Two words that aptly described the Laughter Yoga session we had with the 200 volunteers of Pedya Kamp, an organization founded by Dr. Art Libao of Makati Medical Center, with members coming from all parts of our country.  Pedya Kamp’s advocacy is to help our special and disabled children with the help of the  youth volunteers  from various schools all over our country.  Dr. Libao, with the assistance of other doctors and organizations here and abroad train the volunteers on how to take care and guide our special and disabled children become productive as possible.


The high energy level of the volunteers could be felt  in the four corners of the auditorium as soon as one enters.  During the LYoga session, majority of the volunteers were not just swaying as they clapped and laughed.  Some even jumped with exhilirating joy! They  said they never experienced a session where they learned many “firsts” while having so much fun at the same time. Though full of energy, youthful volunteers were  further energized by the LYoga clap and chanting. As everyone was enjoying the LYoga session to the hilt, no one notice the passing of time,  The session lasted for more than two hours, and they wanted more!  Ha ha ha!


            All that I can share, I shared with them, as I know deep down they  need to arm themselves with lots of humor and energy to carry on  their advocacy easier lighter and even fun-filled -- the very kind of feeling they must transmit  to the special children they are helping.  Laughter  indeed is the BEST medicine!


Ha ha ha! I was so elated when at the end of the speech of Dr. Art Libao, he mentioned that from that time on, the LYoga clap shall be called “Elvie’s clap” by them.   Dr. Art added, “if there is any infection they would like to spread in the country it is the infectious laughter of  Elvie.”  The volunteers  had a special song that we all sang together, after which a plaque of appreciation was presented along with a t-shirt bearing “Finding a Gift in Every Child.” It was really cooool! Humbling and inspiring!  Silently, I uttered  a thanksgiving prayer to God for giving me my BEST place under the sun. God did not gift me with dancing nor singing abilities, but I profusely thank Him  for having blessed and gifted me with “ instant, infectious and contagious”  laughter  many people like to hear as it makes them laugh, too.


 As we walk the path of life, we need tons and tons of laughter to keep us going and enjoy our journey – amid the countless challenges, the  highs and lows, the rugged and smooth valleys and plateaus of life.  Laughter can  greatly make life\s journey light, our days happy and enjoyable, our burden bearable … as it helps clear up the “clouds” of life  such as fear, worries, anger,disappointments - - the negatives and minuses of life.


Laughter recharges our spirits, boosts our re-creative energy to restore strength, power and health in every part of our bodies, minds and spirits. 

 And now,  the heart-warming comments from the participants in one of my happiest and funniest LYoga session thus far: Dr. Art Libao: Setting is informal, not stiff  that made it very enjoyable and  conducive for the participants.  Moreover, Elvie’s laughter is really appropriate for Laughter Yoga -very infectious!

Josan Y. Reviro :  Good job!!! Nice experience. My first time to attend Laughter Yoga and  really enjoyed it. More power… God Bless.

Gladys M. Biñas :  Elvie’s Laughter Yoga  was so relaxing. I hope  as time pass by, she will make more people happy.

Ulysses Mark Chan :  Very good for the health, very relaxing.

Shane V. Aguila : Real fun, very refreshing. Before Laughter Yoga I was feeling bad trip but when the session was over it was gone. It really helps a lot,  everyone must  try  Laughter Yoga! Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!!!

Joann S. Alviola : HO…HO HA..HA..HA!!! Super fun! Relieved me of stress, very enjoyable.   Will share this with  friends and classmates… Thank you!

Mary Grace Vidiz : Enjoyed tremendously,  I love to laugh! Ha ha  happy!  More power!

Joisy T. Constantino : Most enjoyable! My tiredness banished, especially with the Ho ho ha ha ha! Please don’t stop making people happy.


Raquelita Rafa :  Laughter is really contagious. It promotes positive emotion.

Gil Maglinte : Very spectacular, a great experience.  It was so much fun. I’ve learned a lot. Thanks a lot. God Bless.

Ellen Belizario – PAGCOR : Very informative, a must session for everyone especially retirees who normally undergo depression. A great session worth sharing. Will definitely cascade/echo back new learning to  office mates.

Rissa Perez  - PAGCOR :  Laughed all the way our stress and sorrows. Learned many health tips,  really enjoyed this very relaxing stress buster!

Divinia R. Santiago : I had a very relaxing day,  enjoyed the session and got energized .


  Let’s laugh to a healthy, happy, positive us. My email: Next LYoga session is for Lopez Group Foundation, June 2.  Please visit: To laugh and de-stress visit:  youtube: lycphohohahaha!