Posted: April 09, 2011




“The sun demands no reason to shine; water demands

no reason to flow; a child demands no reason to be happy.

Why do we need a reason to laugh?” – Dr. Madan Kataria.

I was sick, but when I attended your Laughter Yoga at the Philippine Heart Center I felt much better.  I experienced happiness, felt lighter and just like a child, felt playful and young again.”  Were the words spoken by  Mr. Napoleon Co, owner of the chain of Home Depot Stores.  So much so that he sent his two assistants, Ms. Cristine Pacia and Ms. Carla Sandig, to my subsequent Laughter Yoga session to also experience for themselves what he did and find out if it will be suitable for their employees in  Home Depot.

To share their happy experiences and positive outlook implanted on them by the Laughter Yoga session they attended, coupled with the hope that the same will rub  on to  their employees, they requested for a Laughter Yoga session in their Ortigas  Home Depot.  About  60  employees, headed by Mr. Napoleon  Co himself attended the Laughter Yoga session.

The employees were very much  delighted and pleasantly surprised  that they were able to laugh, even if there were no reasons to laugh about.  More than that, they came to the realization how easy and nice the feeling was of being able to laugh, to their hearts delight, no holds barred.  All their stresses and tensions went with the roaring laughter they dished out.   It considerably  helped  improve the attitude  and outlook of  the  Home Depot employees.  

Affirmations  and healing mantras, which had been made integral part of the session are recited towards the end of the Laughter Yoga session – with the constant reminder to the participants that since what we think and say are what we attract to happen – they must utter them with all their hearts and might.    I added  mantras  focused  to boost their morale and spirit at home and in their work, plus mantras specifically designed  to cheerfully help perk up their sales performance   These in addition to the Laughter Yoga advocacy of  helping  our people  become healthy, happy and positive!  As Ms. Christine Pacia, puts it, “the Laughter Yoga session made me feel happy and great.  It considerably reduced my stress level.   Very much worth the time spent for it, as we enjoyed every minute of the session.  

Laughter Yoga as a Healing Therapy

             It has been scientifically proven that laughter is both preventive and therapeutic.  People practicing Laughter Yoga regularly report amazing improvement in their health as well as a more positive mental attitude and higher energy levels.

             The healing effects of Laughter Yoga come from following reasons.  The immune system is the master key of health and if it weakens one is exposed to constant infection and sickness.  Scientific research by Dr. Lee Berk from Loma Linda University, California proved that laughter strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of natural killer cells and increase in the antibodies.

My recent personal experience will strongly corroborate this.  I was rushed to Makati Medical Center early morning of December 6th via an ambulance  at that!  My whole body was drenched with cold sweat and for the first time in my life, felt so limp and weak that I could not even sit on my own.    While clinging on to my daughter Bunny while daughter Nina was busy calling up for an ambulance, I kept doing deep breathing as I know the importance of oxygenating the cells in the major organs of my body.  I also knew deep down the root cause of such tremendously  weak feeling.

It is only us who know the ins and outs of our bodies, our feelings, and our activities to the minutest detail.  Only the patients know their bodies!  Since my gum surgery on my upper lip on  Nov. 26th to the time I was rushed to the hospital --  I could not move my upper lip.  Hence,  I was not able to take my daily dosage of about 30 to 40 minutes of Laughter Yoga.  I knew It  was the culprit that brought down  my immune system!   True enough,  the battery of  tests on my heart and brain proved that I am perfectly healthy and well.  I was fully confident and sure as the rising sun that will be the outcome  -- as various tests  were being undertaken on me.

Wow,  who would believe that I was rushed at about 1:00 am to the hospital, spent much money -- simply because I was not able to laugh for 11 days?  But believe me that exactly was what happened!  That, dear readers, is the wonder and magical  healing therapy that Laughter Yoga brings about. 

Exactly two weeks after my gum surgery, I went for a check up to my dentist, Dra.Vivan Virata.  When I  felt  my upper lip has loosened up and could already move it, I rose  from the dental chair,  raised up my arms and did the hearty laughter – with all my heart and gusto for about 20 minutes – to the surprise of Dra.Virata and her staff, who just laughed with me.  The suppressed-roaring laughter for two weeks, I released at home and in the gym – to the delight of everyone, who  had missed my contagious laughter that  long.  Ah!  What a wonderful, relaxing, de-stressing feeling!  I love laughing --  as much as I love my life!   Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha!

The next Laughter Yoga sessions will be at the Makati Sports Club on Feb. 18th for the Maritime Law Association, and at the Manila Doctors Hospital for the cancer patients by the Joy in Living Foundation spearheaded by Ms. Peggy Ty  on Feb. 20th.   Let’s laugh to a healthy, happy, positive us!  Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha!